1. Crafting Bestsellers: Strategy Building with Matthew Harms Matthew Harms 13:04

Join Matthew Harms on a solo exploration of the writer’s mind in this captivating episode of PenPodcast. Dive into the intricate world of planning as the keys to crafting a bestseller are unveiled. From initial concept to the final chapter, discover the strategic steps that set the stage for literary success. Whether you’re a pen-wielding veteran or a budding wordsmith, this episode is your passport to turning ideas into literary masterpieces. Tune in for an inspiring journey through the planning process and unleash the full potential of your writing odyssey!

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Matthew Harms is a New York born and based Ghostwriter and Author Coach. It has been said that everyone has a story to tell, but unfortunately most go through life thinking that theirs will never be read since they lack the ability to construct cohesive and compelling written content into the finished form of a book.

As a life long writer, Matthew has learned from, and adapted, his various experiences in fields such as Finance, Project Management and Real Estate to help those with the desire to help make the world a better place. In the ghostwriting space he prides himself on providing a voice for the voiceless, working with clients who have a message of growth or inspiration that can make the world a better place. As an author coach Matthew partners with aspiring and experienced writers who do not want to have someone else write their story by helping to identify gaps and enhance strengths so they can take their projects to the next level.

Matthew is the author of Grow Up: No, Really and Employed: A Career Readiness Manual, books designed to help people enrich their lives through basic life skills and career readiness training. When he is not focused on helping others, Matthew's other passions are writing works of fiction, both novels and screenplays, and spending time with his children.