1. S4E12 - Len Dugow - Real Estate SaaS with 1,200 Customers in 3 months Sean Tepper 41:39

My next guest built a B2B Real Estate SaaS that saves real estate agents a significant amount of time. Researching details on properties can require 3 to 4 hours of work. This software reduces that time down to 30 minutes or less. In this episode, he talks about how he built the company and how he was able to bring in 1,200 customers in just 3 months.

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Key Timecodes

  • (01:05) – Show intro and background history
  • (05:39) – Deeper into his business model
  • (07:15) – Understanding his real estate business model
  • (11:28) – Deeper into his business strategies
  • (17:51) – How many customers does he have on the platform
  • (20:48) – How many employees does his company have
  • (28:28) – A bit about his copywriting background and business model
  • (33:47) – An advice for anyone looking to start a SaaS
  • (40:14) – Guest contacts

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