Friday - December 2, 2022
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Parenting With Vanessa Kahlon

Vanessa Kahlon( From Independent Podcaster)

Parenting With Vanessa Kahlon is a podcast with concrete strategies where the parent isn’t feeling defeated while parenting their strong willed child. Vanessa founded KFS School (501c3), as the Executive Director, since December 2016. KFS School helps children with learning differences along with providing a safe learning environment. In addition, she developed YEAS Yoga (Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum), which is a 10 hour yoga teacher training certification, which specializes in teaching children body awareness, self regulation, and with social skills. Vanessa is the author of “Shut Up & Parent” where she gives parents ways to connect their child while creating boundaries.

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If you feel something is off with your child and everyone is telling you that they will outgrow it. This podcast is for you!

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When you have a mentor who takes you under their wings as their own child, this is what happens! Let go of the ego and only think of the child, a school is born, KFS School. This podcast is for a...