1. KFS School's Mission & SEL Learning Curriculum, The 3R's Vanessa Kahlon 16:49

Learn about what makes KFS School so unique with their specialized social emotional learning program, The 3R’s, Redo, Rewind, Repair strategies. In addition, learn about a free virtual summit, Best Mom Ever, for ways to communicate and rebuild your relationship with your daughter, Register on this link

Vanessa Kahlon Parenting Expert

With almost two decades of experience and a Masters in Clinical Psychology under her belt, Vanessa is no stranger to families whose children have special needs. Vanessa started her own company KAHLON FAMILY SERVICES in 2008. KFS provides behavior consultations, social skills groups, support professionals in schools, and parenting groups for families with children with Learning and Behavioral challenges and needs. In her various capacities, as she directed and supervised various in-home Behavioral programs all around California, as well as facilitating Social Skills Groups, she succeeded in developing her own Yoga Curriculum (YEAS YOGA) to help address children’s needs as well as aid professionals in the field. YEAS YOGA (Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum)is an exciting, personalized program that Vanessa created to address Self-Regulation needs of High-Spirited children.