1. Finding COURAGE to make CHANGE Debra Jones RM with Sandy Stream 42:31

How to release negative thoughts, guilt and shame. Learn healthy boundaries. Engage in healthy listening, and cultivate self-compassion.

Learn why demonizing your emotions is unhealthy for you and why selfishness is actually a good thing.

Sandy and Debra talk about GASLIGHTING, FIXING, and CLEAR MIRRORING methods of listening.

Learn how to get love from the inside to support you as you make changes for a better life.

HeartMath Institute technique

BOOKS mentioned:
Power Versus Force by David R Hawkins
Its not Always Depression by Hilary Jacobs Hendel

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Debra Jones RM is the producer and host of OWN THE GREY podcast about HEALTHY AGING in body, mind and spirit. Debra's mission is to dispel the myth that aging is undesirable, and set new, positive, healthy attitudes to reinstate the reverence it deserves! She is an award-winning holistic health professional, teacher, mentor and author of The Successful Healer: A Practical Guide for Holistic Health Practitioners. Known as 'The Healer's Healer' she shares her learning and wisdom with health practitioners to help them evolve personally and professionally to affect real change.