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May 17th, 2024

262: From Fido to Fallout: A Rollercoaster of Headlines & Reviews

  1. 262: From Fido to Fallout: A Rollercoaster of Headlines & Reviews Barry Edwards 1:42:04

6:30  Our messed up health care system: Privatization is on the rise

18:00  Chronic inflammation: What it is. What causes it. What prevents it.

40:20  Idiot senator Lindsey Graham wants to nuke Gaza

54:45  Kirsti Noem brags about shooting her dog

59:20  Biden accepts debate challenge with Trump…as embarrassing as that is. What happened to the Democrat party?

1:09:30  Dave Smith announces he’s going to debate Covid King Chris Cuomo – lol!

1:15:10  Our research for “Top 10 Lies Perpetrated by MainStream Media” thwarted by censorship.

1:29:45  TV Show reviews! A deep dive into “Fallout“. A brief look at “Justified

1:39:30  Matt Lauer and Don Lemon teaming up for “comeback”

#Healthcare #ChronicInflammation #LindseyGraham #KirstiNoem #DaveSmith #ChrisCuomo #Fallout #Justified #MattLauer #DonLemon

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I'm an online marketer. Business is I develop brands so they can be found online and convert more prospects into customers. Also an avid cyclist. Been with my partner, Lisa, for 15 years (neither of us ever married). We're both 58. My podcast is pure passion.

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