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June 6th, 2024

399 – Jersey Joe – Patriots Helping Our Veterans

  1. 399 – Jersey Joe – Patriots Helping Our Veterans Oscar Mike Radio 34:50

As we come up to number 400, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jersey Joe, a US Air Force veteran and advocate with Patriots Helping Our Veterans.
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Our discussion started with Joe recounting his military service, which included critical ground support roles in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Transitioning to civilian life posed significant challenges for Joe, as he struggled with isolation and the difficulty of building new relationships.

A major focus of our conversation was the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Joe shared his struggles with mental health and how cannabis has provided him significant relief, prompting him to advocate for its benefits through Patriots Helping Our Veterans. This organization empowers veterans to explore alternative treatments like cannabis, offering peer support, resources, and advocacy for self-sustainability, especially in states supporting homegrown options.

Joe and I discussed the stigmas associated with cannabis, contrasting it with traditional pharmaceuticals and emphasizing the importance of personalized approaches to its use. We reflected on the profound impact of veteran-to-veteran healing at events like the Harvest Cup, highlighting the community’s commitment to non-judgmental support.

Looking ahead, Joe was enthusiastic about expanding the reach and effectiveness of Patriots Helping Our Veterans through new partnerships, including one potentially near my home in Massachusetts.

For those interested in supporting or joining Patriots Helping Our Veterans, Joe recommends visiting their website, which offers the most reliable information. Please see the links below.

Facebook –

Instagram –

Website –

In conclusion, organizations like Patriots Helping Our Veterans are not just offering alternative treatments—they are essential lifelines for veterans facing the physical and mental scars of their service. We encourage veterans and their allies to reach out and join us in reducing veteran suicides and fostering a community of healing and hope.

We are Mission in Flight

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Travis Partington Travis - Oscar Mike Radio

Travis grew up in the Midwest before moving with his family to the South. From there he joined the Marine Corps and served as a radar operator for HAWK Missile System.

After the Marine Corps, Travis moved to the Boston area, and works for a financial services firm.

Travis has done voice-over and is currently working on a project reading poems. In 2022, Travis’ contribution to the anthology, “Let Go or Be Dragged”, made Travis an International Best Seller. Travis has also contributed to The Resilient Warrior, Born in a Bar 2, and Veterans Unchained 2.0.

Travis enjoys being a dad, the outdoors, archery, and riding his motorcycle. Being a father is the most rewarding aspect of Travis’ life.

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