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May 15th, 2024

Teacher Podcast #9 – How to Implement the Teacher Workbox in Your School

  1. Teacher Podcast #9 - How to Implement the Teacher Workbox in Your School Lisa Woodruff 41:13

This is our final episode about the Teacher Friday Worbox® Pilot with principal Jayme. We talked about how Jayme suggests getting started in your school and our hopes for all schools to be using the Teacher Friday Workbox® in the future. 

What Would Jayme Suggest? 

We have received a lot of feedback saying everyone is so interested, but they’d like to talk to Jayme. So what does Jayme have to say about this teacher pilot that she implemented in her school? Jayme appreciates all of the resources that come with the Organize 365® company as a whole. The podcast is an endless source of information for home and work organization. But when you add in the Teacher Friday Workbox® for staff, well…The teacher not only gains lifetime access to their dashboard with Organize 365® but they get the community. Jayme loves how supportive the community is as they all share their best practices and encourage each other. They also get Teacher Camp in July. You know, the one month all educators are available? 

Jayme stressed the principal’s excitement over the Teacher Friday Workbox® is important for the staff to get on board. Each school will implement differently as each teacher will. She suggests for there to be one person “championing” the efforts to get staff on board with the Teacher Friday Workbox®. This person understands and can filter questions about implementation. We can agree there is no budget line for the Teacher Friday Workbox® so Jayme suggested a “phase in plan.” Choose a category of teachers, like first year, or a grade that would most benefit from the Teacher Friday Workbox® and start there. Of course, the best course of action would be for the whole building to start together but we are well aware of budgets. Another segment of teachers that you could prioritize is those that would have had an IEP in school. Let’s meet people where they are, support them in their roles as best as we can, so they stay in those roles longer!

Speaking of staying in their roles longer…You say “Yes, this is great but there is a time and financial cost associated with each person who gets the Teacher FridayWorkbox®.” Yes, and there is a time and financial cost associated with new hires. The goal for Jayme and I in all of this is to better support teachers so they will stay in their roles longer and the schools don’t have to hire and train new employees. The community starts to scratch their heads when there is too much turnover in staff. Let’s get everyone settled in, lessen their cognitive load, and be at peace with work and home responsibilities.  

School Train Stops and Stations

I have previously proposed driving in cars versus driving a train; if you don’t know what I mean check out podcast episodes 570 and 571. And that sparked an idea for Jayme about a school train. Trains have quick stops and then they have larger stations that they stop at and spend a little more time at before taking off again. Jayme pointed out the importance of using times like winter/summer break and possibly spring break as your station time. During this time, you can really go through your Teacher Friday Workbox® and reset yourself and your work. We want to see all educators on a train where communication can flow from leadership to the teachers and back to leadership. This program opens communication. Let’s get everyone a ticket on smooth traveling locomotives. Choo choo!

For $349 (one time) Teacher Friday Workbox® includes:

  • Teacher Camp

  • Teacher Workbox

  • Slash Pockets

  • Lifetime Access to the Online Community


On the Wednesday podcast, I get to talk with members of the Organize 365­® community as they share the challenges, progress, missteps and triumphs along their organizing journey. I am grateful that you are reaching out to share with me and with this community. You can see and hear transformation in action. If you are ready to share your story with us, please apply at

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Lisa Woodruff Founder & CEO of Organize 365®

Lisa Woodruff is the founder & CEO of Organize 365®.

Lisa, along with 87% of America, believes organization is a learnable skill. Yet less than 18% of those same Americans feel they are organized. Through The Productive Home Solution course, Lisa aims to teach Americans young and old the skill of organizing and unlocking their time for what they are uniquely created to do.

As the host of the top-rated Organize 365® Podcast (which has 17 million downloads and counting) Lisa shares strategies for reducing the overwhelm, clearing the mental clutter, and living a productive and organized life. Her sensible and doable organizing tasks appeal to multiple generations. Her candor and relatable personality make you feel as though she is right there beside you; helping you get organized as you laugh and cry together.

Under Lisa’s direction, Organize 365® has conducted academic research establishing the definitions of housework, home organization and the weight of paper in the American home. This ongoing research is making the invisible work at home visible to all. The goal is to eliminate it and free people from the monotonous tasks of daily living; and unlock their time for what they are uniquely created to bring forth in the world.

She is the author of four books including: How ADHD Affects Home Organization and The Paper Solution. Lisa’s understanding of the lived female American experience has helped her to create products & courses like the Sunday Basket®. These products and courses externalize the routine tasks that take up the executive functioning capacity of our brains; freeing us up to think and create again!

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