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  1. What’s New in Our Entrepreneurial Journey?: Season 5 Wrap-up Kirsten Rourke 17:46

In this week’s episode of Ongoing Mastery: Presenting & Speaking, Kirsten and Kellie talk about current developments in their entrepreneurial journey. Find out why Kirsten’s rediscovered a database she built years ago and what it’s like for Kellie, who’s a partner in two separate start-ups right now.

Our favorite moments:

  • (00:36) Everything that changes is really good data for getting to your goals
  • (03:26) If you’re a big picture person, you need a detail-oriented person on your team, because the little bits still need to be taken care of
  • (07:35) Reframe failure as iterations
  • (08:34) Even experienced entrepreneurs sometimes need to pivot
  • (11:20) Self-Care is crucial for entrepreneurs
  • (13:15) Kirsten plays video games when she needs a break
  • (13:52) Kellie rests by Moving more, getting some form of exercise

If you enjoyed this conversation about the entrepreneurial journey, check out Season 1, Episode 10, our wrap-up of season one that took an earlier look at how we came to be entrepreneurs at all. The link is in the show notes.

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Kirsten Rourke CEO of Rourke Training

Kirsten Rourke is the mouth and mind of Rourke Training, LLC. She is on a mission to create engaging communication in online and in-person presentation and speaking spaces. Kirsten is the creator of the Prep, Practice, & Pivot method for elevating presenting and speaking skills. She works with leaders to transform online educational, sales, and corporate events to meet business and learning goals. She has spoken, coached, trained, and facilitated for thousands of companies internationally since 2000. She speaks on and provides expert coaching on Public Speaking, Running Virtual Events, Instructional Design, Storytelling, and Creating Online Engagement. In addition to being a Certified Technical Trainer and Certified Online Training Professional, she also has a Master’s of Education in Instructional Design. She also runs a podcast and community, Ongoing Mastery: Presenting and Speaking, to support development and improvement in creating successful, targeted results in pitches, sales presentations, training, and high-stake events.