1. Slaying the Ageism Dragon with Janine Vanderburg Jane Leder 23:54

Janine Vanderburg is one of those women I’d want to be on my team. I don’t know if she can play pickleball, but I do know that her commitment to, as she says, “slaying the ageism dragon”  is vital—some might say all-consuming. She does a lot of great stuff, but it is “Changing The Narrative,” the organization she founded in 2018 that has been the leader in working to change how people think, talk, and act about ageism, that has garnered national recognition.  And that’s no easy task because the stereotypes about older people in this country run deep.  This episode is a rousing exploration of what makes Janine tick and how her childhood helped groom her to call out what’s “unfair” and to do something about it.













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I am an award-winning author of books about teen suicide, siblings, and men and women during WWII. My feature articles have appeared in publications from Psychology Today to the Chicago Sun-Times. I enjoy the journey of writing, the process. But as I celebrated my seventy-seventh birthday, I wanted a change of focus and turned my creative energies into launching "Older Women & Friends," a podcast. The challenge has been exhilarating and will certainly help me make it through the dead of winter in the Midwest.