1. Breaking Free From the Imposter Syndrome - Alain Dumonceaux Anthony Muiruri 37:03

As the Purposeful Action (Men)tor for the Awakened Man movement, Alain has been on a mission as the beacon for what it means to live an authentic life. For the past three decades, Alain has lived the highs of the Culinary Olympics to the lows of losing it all…almost twice. Today, Alain’s purpose is to guide men to rediscover their life’s mission starting with a purposeful action plan called: The Return of The King that sets the stage for their Hero’s Quest.

For more, go to https://www.theawakenedman.net/

Anthony Muiruri Motivational Speaker/Writer and Podcaster

Anthony is a motivational speaker who was born and grew up in Kenya.

He is an author of "Be Good For Good: Stories of goodness with lessons on life" and "Achieve Your Dream workbook: The seven ingredients for success". More books coming

He is the host of the Now Tell Us podcast.

He is the founder/owner of MeetAchieve.com a platform that connects people to achieve great dreams.

Currently based in Athens Greece, Anthony loves travelling, paints once in a while but his greatest passion is seeing individuals becoming the best version of themselves fulfilling their God-given purpose in life.

He will be glad to connect with you.

Remember to read his books and also invite him to come speak at your next event or simply mention his name where it would be of great benefit to all concerned.