1. 'Rising Above Limits' Reflections: Your Catalyst for Career Evolution Rosie Zilinskas 29:29

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Join me, Rosie, on the latest episode of the No Woman Left Behind podcast, where I dive deep into career transformation with the amazing Laurie Swanson and branding guru Heather H. Bennett. Ever felt trapped in a job that just doesn’t light your fire? 🤔 We’ve got you covered!

In this empowering session, we’ll explore breakthrough strategies to shift from a job you dread to a career that excites and fulfills you. 🚀 And here’s the best part – you get to be part of the conversation! Drop your burning questions and engage with us during the episode. Stay tuned till the end for exclusive insights on Laurie and Heather’s transformative approaches. 🔥 Ready to reshape your career path? Tune in and let’s make it happen together! 🎧

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Rosie Zilinskas Leadership Coach, Podcaster

Rosie Zilinskas is a leadership coach and expert in “Career Progression.” She is an executive vice president specializing in high-net-worth personal insurance, with just under 30 years of experience climbing the corporate ladder.

Rosie is an international bilingual speaker, executive career coach, podcast host, author, and corporate trainer. She appeared on podcasts, such as “Bravehearts Radio,” “The Driven Entrepreneur,” and “Lead at any Level.” She was also a featured storyteller at “The People Tree.”

Rosie is the creator of the Corporate Ladder Kickstart Formula, which helps individuals take command of their profession. She has helped dozens of people obtain the promotion they sought to shred the frustration of a dead-end position. Rosie is a first-generation Mexican American and fluent in Spanish. She is living proof that you really can have it all and move up the ladder of success despite the odds.