1. EP 257 Why Is My Child Lying to Me? Jaci Finneman 18:31

Welcome back to another Mindset Monday Episode!

Today’s topic is one that hits close to home for many parents: lying.


Your little one looks you right in the eye and tells a big ol’ fib. Whether it’s their first time, it’s become a habit or they are lying on the daily. Either way, it’s a situation that can throw any parent for a loop.


Why do kids lie? Well, there are tons of reasons – from trying to avoid getting in trouble to impressing their buddies or even protecting someone else. Understanding where they’re coming from can help us tackle the issue in the right way.


So, what’s the best way to handle it when you catch your kiddo spinning a yarn for the first time? Well, first things first, don’t freak out! Instead of coming down on them like a ton of bricks, take a deep breath and address the situation with curiosity and then with natural consequences.


And what if it’s not just a one-time thing? What if your kiddo seems to have a knack for stretching the truth? Well, that’s when things get a bit trickier. Chronic lying might be a sign of deeper issues like low self-esteem or anxiety. In those cases, it’s all about approaching the situation with understanding and maybe even seeking some professional support.


Remember, as parents, we’ve got a big role to play in all of this and even when they slip up, the key is keeping those lines of communication wide open so that they will tell you the truth. You want your kids to trust that you can handle the truth and the goal is to guide them through the hard stuff, follow through with expectations, build them up and allow them to make right the mistakes they’ve made.


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