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November 16th, 2023 Mature Content

Adam Schaeuble on Podcast Guesting (Do This, Not That) – Episode #118 (Meet the Mentors Series)

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  1. Adam Schaeuble on Podcast Guesting (Do This, Not That) - Episode #118 (Meet the Mentors Series) Jennie O'Connor / Adam Schaeuble 51:23

#118 – Welcome back to another Meet the Mentors episode where my podcast growth coach, Adam Schaueble, and I dish about what makes a good podcast guest and what not to do . . . EVER.

We discuss best/worst practices at each stage of the process:


  • use the Top 200 charts to find shows to pitch,
  • pitch a mutually beneficial “collaboration,”
  • how NOT to end up in the guest pitch Hall of Shame,
  • unique ways to stand out,
  • what to put on your one-sheet,
  • the best podcast/guest matchmaking service.


  • how to show up prepped and polished like a boss.


  • the ultimate podcast guesting crime,
  • how to become the kind of guest that gets referred out,
  • being memorable by leaving the listeners with a challenge.


  • the benefit of creating unique URLs and landing pages for each specific show,
  • the BEST guests do these two things,
  • how to build link juice and domain authority,
  • leveraging flattery to your advantage.

Loom is a service that lets you make videos (5 minutes or less) for free that you can send in your pitches.

Here's the impressive video pitch Kris Bryant from Episode #107 sent me. Simple, but memorable.

Here's my one-sheet to get your creative juices flowing.

ConvertKit lets you clone landing pages lickety-split.

Kajabi, Squarespace, vanity URLs and Bitly and the Pretty Links plugin are all ways to create memorable links.

Find Adam and listen to his show at PodcastingBusiness.School. Check out his limited series Podcast Monetization Tips.

Download Lifestyle Design for Multi-Passionates.

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Thinking of starting a podcast of your own? Adam Schaeuble is the MAN when it comes to all things podcasting, and his Podcast Launch Blueprint is packed to the gills with everything you need to take your podcast from concept to launch in four weeks or less!

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I'm a wandering storyteller who writes about the struggles of being a multi-passionate person in a specialist world. If you feel like life is too short to do everything that piques your curiosity, Multi-Passionate Like a Boss, the podcast, offers tips for developing focus, making an impact and leaving behind a legacy you can be proud of, even if you're obsessed with shiny objects!

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