1. Harsh Retirement Realities Fred Saide 39:22

Fred cuts through some harsh realities of Retirement planning and offers solutions.  Some issues covered are the amount of bear markets to expect, needing more than Social Security, and longevity.  What are the returns on your investments in Retirement?  They’re not just money.  They can also be time, health, happiness, and achieving peace of mind.  Fred dives into that subject.

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Money Matters USA

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Dr. Saide is a frequent speaker and published newspaper columnist on subjects including Social Security, IRA, 401k’s, retirement plans, strategic (income) tax planning, estate planning with retirement assets. He is a successful podcaster MoneyMattersUSA® with Fred Saide and previously hosted a weekly radio program. His expertise has been well sought after, as he has been published in USA Today and Gannett Media. He has authored several e-books and “white apers” on financial and retirement topics. Additionally, he has been interviewed by many financial publications, TV and cable, and has ghost written for multiple financial websites.

After graduating from Duke University, where Dr. Saide earned his Ph.D., MA, MBA, and his BA from Adelphi University, he went on to earn certificates for studies at Purdue University, The American College of Financial Services, MIT Age Labs, Penn_Wharton.