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Gen X Guide to Early Retirement: With Dalene Higgins

In this episode of the Money Matters Podcast, we sit down with Dalene Higgins, founder of Elevate Finances and host of the Wealthy After 40 podcast, to explore her journey to financial independence and early Retirement at age 50. Dalene shares actionable insights on budgeting, debt management, and overcoming financial hurdles, especially for Gen Xers and women over 40. Discover how Dalene’s unique strategies and Coaching can help you achieve financial freedom and stability. Tune in to learn practical tips for preparing for Retirement, creating successful money routines, and managing finances post-divorce. Don’t miss out on Dalene’s advice to elevate your financial future!


0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – Welcoming Dalene Higgins
2:00 – Dalene’s Personal Financial Journey
3:00 – The Aha Moment and Motivation to Retire Early
4:00 – Preparing for Retirement and Facing Challenges
5:00 – The Importance of a Pension
6:00 – Dalene’s Father as a Role Model
7:00 – Finding Purpose in Retirement
8:00 – Discovering Financial Coaching
9:00 – The Birth of Elevate Finances
10:00 – Challenges in Marketing as an Entrepreneur
11:00 – Memorable Podcast Episodes: Divorce and Focus Groups
13:00 – Financial Challenges for Gen Xers
15:00 – Strategies for Retirement and Budgeting
18:00 – The Five Phases of Budgeting
22:00 – Debt Management Strategies
25:00 – Emotional Aspects of Debt
26:00 – Importance of Budgeting
27:00 – Closing Remarks and Contact Information

With over two decades in the financial services realm, Christopher Hensley's journey has been driven by a singular passion: helping individuals navigate the intricate paths of finance to achieve their life aspirations. His dedication isn't just rooted in numbers and strategies; it's about making genuine connections and empowering people with the knowledge they need for a secure future.

Christopher's foundation in the industry is robust. He's collaborated with Fortune 500 frontrunners like Merrill Lynch and UBS Financial Services and has made significant contributions to non-profits, notably with MMI-Consumer Credit Counselors Southwest. His credentials, including licenses from FINRA and designations like the Retirement Income Certified Professional® and the Certified Estate and Trust Specialist™, speak volumes about his commitment to professional growth and expertise.

But beyond the certificates and affiliations, what truly sets Christopher apart is his ability to communicate. For a decade, he's been the voice behind the radio/podcast show “Money Matters” on KPFT Houston, demystifying complex financial concepts for a broad audience. His insights have been sought after by platforms like Wall Street Journal Radio and 1110 KTEK Business Builders Network Radio, and he's provided expert commentary on market trends in renowned publications.

Christopher's community involvement further underscores his dedication. As the former President of the Houston Midtown Chapter of the Society for Financial Awareness, he's delivered financial literacy seminars across Houston and the Gulf Coast. He's also been an active voice in Houston Money Week since 2008, currently holding a leadership position.

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