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April 4th, 2024 Mature Content

LTA Potential with Sara Deacon

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  1. LTA Potential with Sara Deacon Mitzi Ocasio 31:53

Let’s Think About Potential.

I had a great time speaking with Sara about adulting successfully. Now, we are diving deeper and reflecting on potential. What does it mean to us? to you? and in general? Well, we will dive into this topic in more detail. So please tune in so that we may think about this some more.

Hi, my name is Mitzi. I consider myself to be an overthinker.

I love thinking about everything that can be considered and why such things are. I have always been curious about why people feel a certain way and how easily certain things can become taboo.

That is why I started Mitzi; let's think about it. Because I love thinking about everything that can be thought of, please tune into my podcast if you are as curious about life as I am.

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