1. How to Brand Authentically with Tyler Mount Keren Tsuk 30:04

I’m happy to introduce our next guest, TYLER MOUNT, an industry-leading branding and digital strategy expert. As the owner of Henry Street Creative, Tyler has served as a branding and business consultant, digital marketer, and social strategist for nearly 1000 clients across 14 countries worldwide.

Tyler’s remarkable career has been featured in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Medium, and Out Magazine.

Renowned for his non-traditional, direct approach, Tyler is not only a sought-after keynote speaker but also empowers business owners to take control of their enterprises and build empires.

Join us as Tyler Mount shares invaluable insights and experiences on leadership, branding, and building successful businesses.

To learn more about Tyler:

Tyler Mount, an industry-leading branding and digital strategy expert, shares insights on personal branding and building successful businesses. He emphasizes the importance of authenticity, vulnerability, and self-love in creating a strong personal brand. Tyler also discusses the common challenges and misconceptions in business branding and offers practical advice for those starting their journey in branding and digital strategy. He encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness and find their own voice in the world of branding.

Authenticity is the key to success in personal branding and business.
Being vulnerable and showing your humanity can create stronger connections with others.
Overcoming the misconception of ‘should’ and embracing your true self is crucial in branding.
Authenticity and self-love are essential for personal and professional growth.

1. **Authenticity and Success**: Tyler emphasizes the importance of authenticity in finding success, highlighting that success is relative to each individual. He suggests that success can only be achieved by first understanding and embracing one’s authentic self.

2. **Key Moments in Career**: Tyler discusses pivotal moments in his career, including accidentally starting his own business after being laid off from a previous role. He also stresses the importance of focusing on personal branding to propel his business forward.

3. **Influences**: Tyler admires Oprah Winfrey for her ability to build a strong personal brand synonymous with excellence. He believes her success stems from being self-made, overcoming obstacles, and maintaining an authentic persona.

4. **Creating a Personal Brand**: Tyler explains that personal branding is crucial, even for individuals within larger companies. He encourages clients to leverage their authenticity to connect with others effectively.

5. **Challenges and Misconceptions**: Tyler addresses common challenges and misconceptions in business, emphasizing the importance of authenticity over conforming to societal expectations.

6. **Self-Love and Confidence**: Tyler discusses the importance of self-love and confidence in personal and professional growth. He encourages individuals to embrace their authenticity and understand that rejection is inevitable regardless of their actions.

7. **Nontraditional Approach to Branding**: Tyler’s nontraditional approach focuses on individuals rather than solely on products or companies. He believes that success comes from connecting with people on a personal level.

8. **Advice for Aspiring Branding Professionals**: Tyler advises aspiring professionals to prioritize authenticity in their personal and professional lives. He suggests eliminating the word “should” from vocabulary and making decisions based on personal desires rather than societal expectations.

9. **Practical Steps for Authenticity**: Tyler recommends starting by eliminating the word “should” from one’s vocabulary and decision-making process. He emphasizes the importance of aligning actions with personal desires rather than societal norms.

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