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July 8th, 2024

How Everything Happens FOR You, Not TO You – with Doron Libshtein

  1. How Everything Happens FOR You, Not TO You - with Doron Libshtein Keren Tsuk 34:34

In this episode of the Mind Your Leadership podcast, Dr. Keren Tsuk interviews Doron Libshtein, a renowned self-development mentor and author.

They discuss personal growth, handling challenges, and the importance of being present and listening.

Doron shares a profound moment with Byron Katie that changed his perspective on life, leading him to create a course called ‘You Are the One.’ The course focuses on finding balance between doing and being, prioritizing strengths, and creating an ideal day.

They also discuss the importance of vulnerability, asking for help, and embracing all parts of ourselves.

*** Takeaways ***
Embrace the idea that everything happens for you, not to you.
Find the balance between doing and being in order to live a fulfilling life.
Focus on your strengths and work on developing them.
Practice being present and listening to others.
Ask for help and be open to receiving support.
View challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.
Acknowledge and work with all parts of yourself.
Increase your self-esteem and compassion towards yourself.
Choose how you react to situations by increasing your inner space between stimulus and response.
Find a meditation practice that works for you and incorporate it into your daily routine.
Make decisions that are right for today and focus on making each day better.
Spread love and understanding to create a better world.

Keren Tsuk Podcast Host, Keynote Speaker

Keren ph.D. is keynote speaker, consultant and thought leader in 21st-century leadership. She is the author of the book mindfully wise leadership: The secret of today's leaders. Keren is the founder of Wisdom to lead, and she specializes in development senior management teams and corporate leadership. Keren helps companies and teams reach their full potential using mindfulness techniques. Keren has worked with companies such as Checkpoint, Earnix, Plarium, Verint, Amdocs, Ex Libris, Google, Siemens, and more. Being a keynote speaker on the topic of the relationship between mindfulness and leadership, she has lectured at conferences worldwide. She has been invited to speak at universities worldwide, instructing graduate business school courses at PolyU in Hong Kong, IDC Herzliya, and Lahav Executive Education Tel Aviv University.

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