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February 5th, 2024

Episode 78: Growth & Healing Through Trauma with Dr. Amrita V. Subramanian

  1. Episode 78: Growth & Healing Through Trauma with Dr. Amrita V. Subramanian Keren Tsuk 42:16

In this enlightening episode, Dr. Keren Tsuk engages in a profound discussion with Dr. Amrita V. Subramanian on post-traumatic growth and overcoming unexpected challenges. 🌱 Dr. Amrita shares her powerful journey and insights on embracing difficult emotions for personal evolution. 🌟

Amrita, a former Fortune 500 VP who has dedicated over two decades of her career to guiding organizations through crises. Currently, she serves as a distinguished educator at the University of Pennsylvania, where her focus lies on posttraumatic growth in the wake of the pandemic. Amrita is on the verge of completing her Ph.D., delving into the profound subject of post-traumatic growth in adults during the COVID-19 era.

🔍 **Key Takeaways:**
– Trauma as a catalyst for growth.
– Embracing difficult emotions for essential growth.
– Letting go of old patterns for personal evolution.
– The crucial role of compassion and kindness in the growth process.

🎧 Listen to the full episode for practical steps and deep insights into fostering personal growth amidst unexpected challenges.

Keren Tsuk Podcast Host, Keynote Speaker

Keren ph.D. is keynote speaker, consultant and thought leader in 21st-century leadership. She is the author of the book mindfully wise leadership: The secret of today's leaders. Keren is the founder of Wisdom to lead, and she specializes in development senior management teams and corporate leadership. Keren helps companies and teams reach their full potential using mindfulness techniques. Keren has worked with companies such as Checkpoint, Earnix, Plarium, Verint, Amdocs, Ex Libris, Google, Siemens, and more. Being a keynote speaker on the topic of the relationship between mindfulness and leadership, she has lectured at conferences worldwide. She has been invited to speak at universities worldwide, instructing graduate business school courses at PolyU in Hong Kong, IDC Herzliya, and Lahav Executive Education Tel Aviv University.

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