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September 14th, 2023

Ep 115 My Personal Journey to Being Fully Present

  1. Ep 115 My Personal Journey to Being Fully Present Bernie Borges 13:28

Welcome to this takeaway from my conversation with  Rob Connelly on episode 114. Rob introduced the “powerful pause,” a mindset tool he developed as a result of overcoming a significant personal crossroads.

This tool helps to combat stress, anxiety, and life’s curveballs by enabling mind control.

🔹 Key Discussion Points:

1️⃣ Adopting intentional breaks (pauses) to cultivate self-awareness and control our thought processes.

2️⃣ The Powerful Pause aids us in concentrating on the now, achieving a tranquil state of consciousness and emptying our thoughts.

3️⃣ Reduce tech dependency by scheduling tech-free time, fostering self-appreciation, and learning to like ourselves again.

📌 My Personal Takeaways:

With 3.8 billion smartphone users globally and 6.3% suffering from addiction, being present is imperative. My personal battle isn’t the device but the real-time digital content. The lure of up-to-the-minute updates sometimes overshadows being present.

Can we detach, even momentarily, from the digital world and be genuinely present? Whether it’s resisting the phone during meals or genuinely investing in conversations, awareness is the first step.

📌 Exploring Mindfulness & Connection:

My regular prayer routines are thought-packed. In addition to my prayer time, I aspire to empty my mind completely. My goal is to create a long moment of tranquillity, without any distractions.

My question for you: How do you envision your ‘powerful pause?’ What are your anticipations from this mental break?

This takeaway is a condensed version with key highlights. Episode 114 has more content, and you are encouraged to delve deeper into the full conversation for a holistic experience.

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