Welcome to Season 4, Episode 3 of Meet the Expert® with Elliot Kallen!

In this episode, Elliot is joined by Benjamin Rizzuto from Janus Henderson Investors to discuss estate planning and why no one should hesitate to talk about it. Bravely facing the thoughts of Retirement and death, they explore its financial and non-financial aspects, from tax implications, splitting money among beneficiaries, to the impact of inheritance on legacy building. Benjamin also shares three simple ways to decrease estate taxes and two essential things to remember to ensure a smooth wealth transfer.

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Intro [00:00]

Good Morning. Good afternoon everyone. I’m Elliot Kallen, CEO of Prosperity Financial Group.

Common Estate Planning Mistakes [02:17]

Let’s get right into this if we could. Let’s talk about some mistakes that people make right off the bat.

Equality Vs Fairness [05:23]

Let me talk about one of the big mistakes. I think people make and I see this all the time.

House After Death [07:23]

Here’s an example. I want to give you where you’ve got a mom surviving mother who’s elderly now. She bought each one of her children a house.

Looking After Aging Parents [10:17]

The burden of taking care of an aging parent. Often falls on either the single child the unmarried child. or the daughter

Dealing With Estate Taxes [12:38]

On a different note. taxes Assuming that they’re both. IRA taxes coming in

Will Vs Trust [19:55]

Just a couple little quick questions at the end here. This has been great. What’s the difference between a will and a trust?

Family Dynamics And Understanding Money [21:28]

And lastly. I’m back to family Dynamics again because I have to deal with emotional side of it.

Closing Words [25:24]

We’d be able to see the been Rizzuto talking about Estate Planning.

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