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Mastering the 6 Key Components of Business Success

  1. Mastering the 6 Key Components of Business Success Elliot Kallen 33:31

To build a thriving business, you need to focus on six key components: vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction. Mark O’Donnell breaks down each component and shares practical tools for strengthening them in your organization. Learn how to create a clear vision, build a great team, make data-driven decisions, solve issues, streamline processes, and gain traction.

Elliot Kallen Wealth Manager | Registered Principal

For more than three decades, Elliot has provided customized wealth management solutions for entrepreneurs, business owners, retirees, and millennials.

Elliot and his wife, Tammy, are passionate about giving back to the community through their 501(c)(3) foundation, A Brighter Day. Through his partnership with A Brighter Day Charity, the Kallen family has helped local teens and young adults recognize and access resources to cope with the risks of stress and depression.

He enjoys spending his free time with his family. Some of his hobbies include cooking, wine, golf, travel, and studying history.

He lives in Lafayette, California with his wife, step-daughter, and grandson.

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