1. Inside Otterbein's Lifelong Learning Community Program Carol Ventresca and Brett Johnson 36:35

In this episode of “Looking Forward Our Way,” the focus is on the opportunities for lifelong learning in Central Ohio and the specific Lifelong Learning Community (LLC) program at Otterbein University.

Hosts Carol Ventresca and Brett Johnson are joined by guest experts Dana Viglietta, the executive director of engagement at Otterbein University, and Kevin Byrd, a member of Otterbein’s LLC. The episode emphasizes that Central Ohio offers a range of opportunities for lifelong learning, including programs at Ohio State, Columbus State, and other state and private schools, as well as free courses throughout the state offered by the higher education office.

The episode delves into the idea of starting a lifelong learning community (LLC), which may initially seem intimidating, but it is described as a welcoming community offering opportunities for learning, networking, and social interaction. It is emphasized that there is no financial loss for trying different programs like LLC, senior college, or academic classes, and walking away if it doesn’t suit one’s needs is always an option.

Participants in the LLC program shared their gratitude for the experience, highlighting the sense of community and support, and emphasizing the value of learning as a gift. Kevin Byrd specifically emphasized the value of faculty and professors who are genuinely enthusiastic and engaged in teaching.

Dana Viglietta discusses her career at Otterbein University, from being a student to working in alumni relations, and explains the LLC’s application process. She emphasizes the importance of being a lifelong learner and how the program aligns with the university’s mission and values.

The program has members who support the university and the local community through various activities, such as theater patronage, involvement in senior college programs, support for art galleries, and assistance to international students. The panel emphasizes how members utilize their learning experiences to create new businesses, hobbies, or enhance local nonprofits, churches, or schools, and share their knowledge with others.

The Otterbein LLC program features a mix of classes taught by faculty, members of the LLC, and community members, with a focus on offering something for everyone and being open to learning new topics.

Kevin Byrd stresses the importance of lifelong learning and the value of continued education and training beyond obtaining a degree. The program facilitates connections and networking among members, allowing for the sharing of experiences and valuable insights.

Memorable Moments

07:47 Mix of faculty, community, appealing to all.

10:29 New network brings unexpected connections and insights.

18:07 Program for individuals age 60 and over.

21:44 LLC members share and spread knowledge.

23:00 Panel discussion highlights community involvement and connections.

30:24 Advice for joining LLC, to not feel like an outsider.

34:44 Professors enjoy teaching and students are engaged.

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