1. Benefits to Rehab Therapy & Caregiver Support Kim Hegwood 21:26

“When we look at roles, routines, and the day-to-day tasks, we can generate that into being able to support a group and facilitate, so that they can not only get the mental health component but also get the component of how do I do this life now? When there are changes, how do I make adaptations?”
– Ashley Ballou highlighting the holistic approach of occupational therapy in supporting caregivers and individuals with dementia.

In this episode of Life Happens with Kim Hegwood, Kim explores the benefits of rehab therapy and Caregiver support with the insightful Ashley Ballou, founder of Manifest My Potential Occupational Therapy and Wellness.

They delve into the differences between physical and occupational therapy, discussing how each type caters to individual needs. Ashley sheds light on the impact of therapy on clients with dementia, providing valuable insight into signs to look for and how therapy can benefit them.

The topic of Caregiver support takes center stage, with Ashley discussing holistic wellness models and addressing the various needs of caregivers. She also shares valuable resources for caregivers and enlightens listeners on the programs available to support them. Stay tuned for an enlightening discussion that offers unique perspectives and practical advice for those navigating the complexities of rehab therapy and caregiving.

How to Contact Ashley

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Ashley Ballou is a registered occupational therapist and has worked with clients and their families across the lifespan, including individuals with Dementia for over 10 years. Her passion for serving caregivers began when she became a long-distance Caregiver of her late grandmother for eight years. Coming from a small family, she directly understands the time, emotional, physical, and financial toll caregiving wears on the Caregiver. Thus, Caregiver Thrive, a care and wellness program for caregivers, was created. The program bridges the gap for caregivers who recognize the value of taking care of themselves, need therapeutic support and/or practical tips for their loved one, and desire a holistic wellness model, but don’t want to google their way through the answers. Caregiver Thrive provides the concierge model of care with compassion and respect to their environment.

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