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Grab your coffee friends.

This week finds me chatting with my new best friend, Ruth Thompson, Founder and wearer of many hats of The ANNA Shelter, a no-kill animal shelter dedicated to helping neglected, abused and needy animals find their forever homes.

Listen in to Part 1 as we chat about the animals, the emotional toll this work can take, and how Ruth and her amazing Team navigate each day saving animals.

Part of their mission statement is, “Giving each animal a chance – saving one animal at a time.”

“We lived in an inner city apartment when I was younger and I remember being around 7 – 10 years old and going into alleys trying to capture the stray cats and kittens so I could take them home and care for them.”

Saving animals is Ruth’s heart and her passion.

Ruth founded The ANNA Shelter twenty years ago while renting space to house animals through veterinary offices and even a flower shop.

The ANNA Shelter now has six buildings, including a barn for larger animals in need and a thrift store to help raise funds to keep the shelter going.

Tune in next week for Part 2 of this awesome conversation!


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