1. Leadership Lessons From The Great Books - Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison w/Dorollo Nixon 1:55:47

Leadership Lessons From The Great Books #94 – Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison w/Dorollo Nixon.

00:00 Welcome and Introduction – Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison with Dorollo Nixon.
02:00 “I am an Invisible Man,” Ralph Waldo Ellison.
06:37 Ellison’s Early Hardships and Tuskegee Experience.
10:57 Reflections on Pre-Civil Rights America.
18:18 Discussion about Hemingway, Mark Twain, and European writers’ struggles.
25:04 Comparison of Twain, Faulkner, Hemingway, Kipling, and Joyce.
27:00 Tackling Racism and Colonialism in American and European Literature
31:48 American Literature and Its Remove.
35:20 Leadership Lessons from Invisible Man.
38:49 Invisible Man’s (Nameless) Experiences at Tuskegee Institute.
43:56 Leadership Lessons within Ideological Disillusionment.
53:21 “I Forgive Political Marxists Pre-1950.”
56:15 Equality, Color-blind Constitutional Rights and Segregated Reality.
01:03:55 Racial Solidarity and Its Tensions.
01:11:53 The Fountains are Broken on the Road out of Eden.
01:21:22 Claudine Gay, Plagiarism, Class Consciousness, and Harvard University.
01:28:09 Dr. Bledsoe and the Deceit of Institutional Cynicism.
01:36:52 Leadership and Activism in Harlem.
01:41:57 Black Historical Figures in Modern Culture.
01:48:06 Leaders Help Followers Align Their Goals with Values.
01:51:17 Staying on the Leadership Path with Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

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