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What if becoming a force for good could also be your best business strategy? In this insightful episode, Nicole Jansen sits down with Tim Jones, an advocate and expert in the B Corp movement. Tim shares his transformative journey from being disillusioned by corporate greed in the medical sector to pioneering ethical business practices through his B Corp-certified consulting firm. Explore what it means to lead a business that balances purpose with profit, and why B Corp certification is becoming a pivotal element of modern business strategies.

Dive into the core values of the B Corp certification and gain a profound understanding of how aligning business operations with higher ethical standards does not just contribute to a better world, but also enhances a company’s appeal to customers, employees, and investors. Understand the significance of this certification in fostering greater trust and building a sustainable business model that thrives on integrity and purpose.

Join us for this enlightening conversation with Tim Jones as he demystifies the B Corp certification process, highlights the challenges and rewards, and underscores the importance of businesses stepping up to align with core values of integrity and sustainability.

Podcast Highlights
0:00 – Introduction to today’s guest, Tim Jones.
2:15 – Tim Jones’ background and disillusionment in the medical sector.
5:00 – Discovering B Corp and starting a B Corp-certified company.
08:20 – The essence and benefits of becoming a B Corp.
12:30 – Exploring the challenges in achieving B Corp certification.
16:50 – How employee engagement enhances the B Corp journey.
21:40 – Insights into customer and employee pull to B Corps.
25:25 – B Corps’ Resilience in economic downturns and pandemics.
29:00 – Ethical businesses and the future of corporate trust.
32:45 – Predictions for the progression of business standards.
35:10 – Call for action: How businesses can start their transformation.

Favorite Quotes
Resilience through Ethics: “What we see is that B Corps not only do well in achieving a balance between purpose and profit, but they also tend to thrive better in challenging economic climates, showing the Resilience built through ethical practices.”

Purpose-driven Transformation: “Once you see the need for change, you can’t unsee it. That’s why I moved from being just another businessman to being one that champions change through my work with B Corps.”

Higher Standards for Better Business: “The future of business leans towards not just profit but also how those profits are made. The B Corp certification helps businesses stand out by adhering to higher standards of transparency and accountability.”

Embark on an educational journey with Tim Jones as he provides valuable insights into the importance and impact of B Corp certification, stressing how businesses can foster a more sustainable and trustworthy future.

Episode Show Notes:

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As a transformational leadership coach, strategic business advisor, and podcast host, my passion is developing aspiring leaders and helping good leaders become great. This world needs more great leaders, who live and lead themselves well, and who uplift and empower others to do the same. Leaders who make this world a better place for everyone.

It begins with you and me - living on purpose, expanding our vision and beliefs, and inspiring positive change in our circles of influence. If you enjoy intelligent conversations, I invite you to check out my Leaders of Transformation Podcast where I interview extraordinary difference makers and world changers every week. Currently we have over 475 episodes and are honored to be in the top 1.5% podcast globally reaching listeners in over 140 countries. Hope to see you there!

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