1. 479: The Playful Path: Igniting Learning and Creativity in Schools and Workplaces with Elizabeth Cushing Nicole Jansen, Leadership Coach For Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs 34:28

Could unlocking our full potential be as simple as integrating play into our daily routines?

Join us in this enlightening episode as we delve into the transformative power of play with guest Elizabeth Cushing, CEO of Playworks. Elizabeth shares invaluable insights on why creating safe and engaging environments for play is crucial for the development of children and how these principles can be applied to enhance creativity and productivity in the corporate world.

From discussing traditional education challenges to exploring innovative strategies for bringing play into schools and workplaces, this episode is packed with actionable knowledge. Discover how play can foster human connections, encourage adaptive behaviors, and improve learning outcomes for children and adults alike.

What We Discuss in this Episode

  • The critical role of play in creating secure learning environments for kids.
  • Overcoming the challenges of traditional education systems.
  • Integrating play to cultivate human connection and workplace synergy.
  • Leveraging resources from Playworks to bring play into various settings.
  • The unexpected benefits of play for creativity, engagement, and learning.
  • How a simple coin toss can resolve business decisions effectively.
  • Elizabeth’s journey with Playworks and their strategic shift in reaching children.
  • The profound impact of adult participation in play on child development.
  • Adopting playful approaches to daily activities like waiting in line.
  • The interplay of play, innovation, and organizational evolution.

Episode Show Notes: https://leadersoftransformation.com/podcast/education/479-the-playful-path-igniting-learning-creativity-in-schools-and-workplaces-with-elizabeth-cushing 

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