1. Neatly-Balanced: How Kristy Edwards Helps You Live a Clutter-Free Life Deanna Marie Radulescu 21:30

In this episode of the Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu interviews Kristy Edwards, an organization expert and owner of Neatly-Balanced. Kristy shares her journey into the world of organizing, which began when she worked as a nanny and started helping families declutter and organize their homes. She noticed the impact it had on their lives and decided to turn it into a career. Kristy discusses common struggles people have with organization, such as difficulty letting go of items due to scarcity mindset or sentimental attachments. She also shares her approach to working with clients, which includes partnering with organizations that help those in need and involving clients in the process. Kristy  emphasizes the importance of simplicity and balance in organizing, and offers tips for maintaining an organized space. She also talks about her website, Neatly Balanced, which promotes a balanced lifestyle beyond just organizing. Overall, Kristy's  passion for helping others create sacred spaces shines through in this insightful and inspiring conversation. You can also connect with Kristy at the link ⬇️:


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