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Miraculous Healing Stories: A Conversation with Dr. David Chotka

  1. Miraculous Healing Stories: A Conversation with Dr. David Chotka Deanna Marie Radulescu/Dr. David Chotka 37:11

In this episode of Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu interviews Dr. David Chotka, chair of Alliance Pray, author, prayer mobilizer, sought-after media guest, and ordained pastor. Dr. David shares incredible stories of healing and faith from his experiences, including a powerful story about his wife's miraculous healing from muscular dystrophy during a trip to Uganda.
Dr. David emphasizes the importance of living out one's beliefs and faith, sharing that God's desire to communicate with us is greater than our own desire to hear. He encourages listeners not to be afraid to talk to God, as he will respond in a personal and meaningful way.
Dr. David's book, “Healing Prayer,” co-written with Reverend Dr. Maxie Dunham, is highlighted in the episode. The book explores different types of healing and the power of prayer in overcoming challenges. Dr. David also discusses his charity work, including a project to provide Christian literature to pastors in Vietnam.
Listeners are encouraged to connect with Dr. David through his website,, where they can find links to his social media platforms, purchase his book, and support his charitable endeavors. Dr. David's message of faith, healing, and the importance of genuine communication with God resonates throughout the episode, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

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