1. Gasping for Air: Surviving Narcissistic Abuse Deanna Marie Radulescu 29:11

In this episode of the Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu interviews Dana Diaz, author of the best-selling book “Gasping for Air, The Stranglehold of Narcissistic Abuse.” Dana shares her personal story of enduring narcissistic abuse, both as a child and in her marriage. She discusses how she internalized the abuse and allowed herself to be controlled by her narcissistic partner. Dana also opens up about the physical toll the abuse took on her health, leading to a rare lung syndrome and autoimmune issues. Despite the challenges, Dana found the strength to leave her abusive marriage and reclaim her life. She emphasizes the importance of listening to your gut and following your instincts when it comes to relationships. Dana's book offers support and guidance for those who have experienced narcissistic abuse. Listeners are encouraged to visit Dana's website, danasdiaz.com, to learn more about her book and connect with her.


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