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April 10th, 2024

Spontaneous Recovery: Episode 290

  1. Spontaneous Recovery: Episode 290 Robin Black 2:46

I learned from so many of the things I only yearned for. Not realizing it was only God who was teaching me. When we tend to look back on past memories that random thought of someone who we used to talk to and for whatever reason you can’t seem to remember why all the communication ever stopped… 

You reach out to them, or they send you a random a message and for a minute it makes you smile… but then God and the angels are protecting you so heavily they allow that person to do or say something that allows you to remember exactly what it is they helped you get away from. 

It’s ok to remember the good times and be thankful for the bad times because they helped you grow. If we constantly hang on to those memories, it’ll only keep us at a standstill ..

Everyone that crosses our paths rather good or bad, has an assignment and sometimes their assignment is to teach us how to love ourselves. 

Our lives aren’t a revolving door, don’t allow yourself to keep going in circles. 

Embrace the power of Moving forward and keep living!

You can hold on to the memory without holding on to that person. Redirect your focus to the one who has never let you go. Whenever you feel lost, just always remember to look up! 

Stay blessed. 

Music: Cinematic Inspiring Epic Orchestra Film by Cold Cinema [No Copyright Music] / Wings of Inspiration

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Robin Black Spiritual Poet, It's All About Healing Podcast

I have a collection of spiritual poetry that I have written and performed on my podcast, as well as coaching and guest interviews who share their stories and knowledge about facing or overcoming adversities. I have experienced immense pain and have found solace in God and the universe. Through the heartfelt words in this podcast, you will embark on a journey of healing, understanding, finding your true self, and the true meaning of this journey called life.

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