1. Steve Segner: Pet Biz Exec Reinvents Himself, Builds Luxury Hotel Carl Landau, Steve Segner 55:01

Who moves to Sedona, AZ in. their 50’s and without any experience in the hospitality business, builds a luxury hotel? Steve Segner did! The same guy at 21 years old buys his first pet store while he has another day job. And then ends up becoming a pet biz mogul, by starting a line of regional pet stores and creating and selling one of the first all-natural healthy pet food lines.

Whether it’s the pet industry or building the El Portal, a top end adobe style hotel — Steve is the poster child for our (Un)Retirement good life!

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Carl Landau Author, Podcaster

Carl Landau is co-author of the new book, Pickleball for dummies. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 26 and now in (un)Retirement is founder of Pickleball Media. He has started and sold three successful media companies, published five magazines (software development, winemaking and craft brewing industries). He currently hosts the popular podcast I Used to be Somebody, inspiring 50-plus-year-olds how to build their (un)retirement good life, including, of course, a little bit about the virtues of the game he loves — pickleball.