1. Denise "Larana" Cerreta: James Beard Award for Humanitarian of the Year Carl Landau, Denise Larana Cerreta 38:59

Carl is a bit out of his all-business comfort zone when he interviews Denise “Larana” Cerreta, who has embarked on amazing spiritual journey and had successful businesses along the way. It all starts when Larana closed her acupuncture practice to open One World Everyone Eats Cafe. Her vision became one of the first community cafes in the world run 100% on donations– you pay what you wish. 

The cafe was a huge success and Larana then founded the non-profit One World Everybody Eats foundation. The culmination was receiving a prestigious James Beard Foundation for Humanitarian of the Year in 2017. 

Denise also spent a year following the Dead and Company (formerly the Grateful Dead) and then wrote a book about her experience. Now she’s entrepreneur again–listen to hear more!

• More about Denise “Larana” Cerreta: https://www.jamesbeard.org/blog/2017-james-beard-foundation-humanitarian-of-the-year-denise-cerreta 

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