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73. Birgitta Visser – Unraveling Narcissistic Relationships and Light Language Healing

  1. 73. Birgitta Visser - Unraveling Narcissistic Relationships and Light Language Healing Lisa Tickel 1:06:09

In this profound episode, we are joined by Birgitta Visser, a renowned Soul Empowerment Coach and Divine Channel. Birgitta shares transformative insights from her life’s journey and how she uses Light Language Healing to facilitate deep healing and personal growth. This conversation delves into the powerful realms of overcoming trauma, understanding narcissistic relationships, and the healing power of acknowledging and embracing one’s true self.

About Birgitta:

Birgitta Visser specializes in empowering individuals by connecting them to higher frequencies and delivering transformative light codes. Her methods involve channeling energies from various Light Beings and Master Teachers, aiding her clients in aligning with their soul’s purpose. Birgitta’s profound journey from experiencing significant life challenges to becoming a beacon of hope is a testament to the Resilience and potential for transformation within us all.

In This Episode:

– Understanding Light Language Healing: Birgitta explains how this unique form of energy healing transcends traditional methods, promoting profound changes at a DNA level.

– Journey Through Trauma and Empowerment: Birgitta shares her personal experiences with childhood trauma, abusive relationships, and the path to healing and empowerment.

– The Role of Self-Discovery in Healing: Insights into how self-awareness and acceptance are crucial for overcoming personal struggles and emotional wounds.

– Applications of Spiritual Practices in Everyday Life: Discussion on how spiritual practices can be effectively integrated into daily life to heal and thrive.

This episode is essential for anyone interested in spiritual growth, emotional healing, and those who face personal struggles. Birgitta’s experiences and insights offer not only inspiration but also practical approaches to dealing with life’s challenges and transforming pain into power.

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Join us on this enlightening journey where profound healing meets practical application in everyday life. Dive deep into the world of energy healing with Birgitta Visser and discover how you can unlock your potential for significant personal transformation.

Keywords: Birgitta Visser, Soul Empowerment, Light Language Healing, Overcoming Trauma, Narcissistic Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Energy Healing, Personal Development, Emotional Healing, Self-Discovery.

Lisa Tickel Podcast Host, Healing & Growing, Hand in Hand
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