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Happiness journey with Dr Dan podcast: Season 22 Ep3: Special Guest and multiple time best selling author Guy Morris

  1. Happiness journey with Dr Dan podcast: Season 22 Ep3: Special Guest and multiple time best selling author Guy Morris Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD 29:21

Guy Morris is a multi-disciplinary professional with advanced degrees in economics, finance, computer science, and an MBA, renowned for developing a groundbreaking macro-economic model during his college years. His career spans 38 years across global energy, high-tech, and software industries
with Fortune 500 companies like Oxy Petroleum, IBM, and Microsoft, as well as in startups, where he played a key role in integrating cutting-edge technologies, including early AI implementations. Guy’s interest in AI deepened when he investigated a security breach involving a program that escaped from
NSA’s spy labs, leading to an inquiry by the FBI.

Besides his corporate and tech endeavors, Guy is also a
creative force, having written songs for Disney Records, produced webisode series, and authored multiple award-winning thrillers that blend his vast knowledge and experiences. He is an innovator in prophecy analytics, using computer and probability models to link prophecy to current events. As a frequent expert guest on podcasts, Guy has made nearly 80 high-rated
appearances in 2023 alone. He founded the non-profit Author Event Network to promote local authors through book signings at community events. Currently, Guy
is working on his fourth thriller, “THE Image,” and developing a non-fiction book titled “Humanity in an AI Tsunami – A Survival Guide.” His work and insights can be followed through his website and social media platforms.


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Dan Amzallag Podcaster, Author

Author, investor, life/business/retirement coach, Psychotherapist, podcast host, marriage counselor, and so much more, all wrapped under one person. Dealing with challenges in life? I am here to help. Difficulties in relationships? I can assist. Hard to find yourself in life? That is still something i can help with. No matter what you deal with, always know there is a solution around the corner, and i will always stand in that corner. Do not hesitiate to ask.

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