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March 26th, 2024

Cry Makes Space for Joy. Lessons Learned Battling and Beating Cancer with Ashlee and Michael Cramer

  1. Cry Makes Space for Joy. Lessons Learned Battling and Beating Cancer with Ashlee and Michael Cramer Emily Thiroux Threatt 46:42

What if this tragedy that just hit your family came to transform your life for the better? 

In this episode, I’m joined by Ashlee and Michael Cramer, shining examples of “how to do things right” when facing crises and emerging stronger and better on the other side. Only four years after Patrice, Ashlee’s husband and Michael’s father, passed after battling lymphoma, Michael was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of blood cancer. Far from questioning their fate or spending time and energy asking God why, they started a mental, spiritual, and physical taxing battle against the disease, emerging victorious, stronger than ever, and united by an unbreakable bond they (luckily for us) decided to share with the world. 

They host the “Michael and Mom Talk Cancer” podcast and lead cancer support groups in the Cancer Buddy app and the app Circles, Michael the “Cancer Survivor Support Group” on Fridays at 5 pm, and Ashlee the “Coping as Cancer Caregivers” on Saturdays at 10 pm.

Throughout this episode full of invaluable life lessons, Ashlee and Michael share details of their journey battling cancer and the lessons that battle taught them about healing, compassion, and unconditional love. Ashlee also talks about her husband’s death and her decision to take him home and be with him in his transition.

 Additionally, they share their thoughts on using joy to cope with Grief and pain, the healing power of kindness and connection, and more.

Tune in and listen to episode 218 of and let Ashlee and Michael teach you how to resignify Grief and pain and transform them into fuel for growth and healing.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

A bit about Ashlee and Michael (1:30)

How Michael’s battle against cancer started (5:50)

Ashlee talks about how being a Happy for No Reason trainer helped her (14:20)

About Patrice’s transition surrounded by love (22:40)

It doesn’t matter what you say; sometimes being around is enough (28:00)

You can’t heal until you accept (34:10)

Cry makes space for joy (41:20)


Cancer Buddy App

Circles App

Connect with Ashlee and Michael:



Michael and Mom Talk Cancer podcast



Get Michael’s book, Beyond the Blood: A Story of Love

Ashlee’s Instagram

Ashlee’s Email: ashleeproutycramer@gmail.com

Michael’s Email: michaelreidcramer@gmail.com

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Emily Thiroux Threatt Podcast Host, Facilitator, Author

Having gone through the experience of the deaths of so many loved ones, I have learned to face life with love, optimism, and joy.

I have kept journals and written to express myself most of my life which led me to a career of teaching writing and writing books. I naturally turned to writing to help deal with my grief, then I discovered I could use writing to help friends deal with grief, too.

In contemplating how I could best help the grieving people I was working with, my Ignite moment came when realized the importance of helping people understand the importance of happiness and how they could grieve and be happy at the same time.

To share my message, I host the Grief and Happiness podcast, I wrote the book Loving and Living Your Way Though Grief, I facilitate weekly meetings of the Grief and Happiness Alliance, I founded the Grief and Happiness nonprofit foundation, I publish a weekly newsletter and blog, and my new book, The Grief and Happiness Handbook is coming out soon.

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