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Weekly Wisdom – December 09
VIEW RECORDING: https://fathom.video/share/U9xzWUnNTUWerVYZ5q7hcWgf3Z2_EeDh
Meeting Purpose:

Discuss men’s perspectives on older women’s vulnerability.

Key Takeaways

– Men can sense vulnerability in women even if it is not outwardly shown.
– Listening and being caring helps create an environment where women feel comfortable opening up.
– Contributing to others helps give purpose and meaning, which reduces fear and vulnerability.
– We all become more vulnerable as we age and experience loss. Companionship and community help provide comfort.
– Staying present and focusing on today reduces anxiety about the future.


Perspectives on Women’s Vulnerability

– Men discussed how they perceive vulnerability in older women – as a strength, weakness, or something else. They shared experiences with women opening up to them.

Emotional Needs and Support

– Men spoke about the emotional needs they observe in older women in their lives and how they try to provide support. This includes listening and being present.

Older Women as Role Models

– The men shared older women who were role models and what they learned about strength, Resilience and vulnerability from them. Kathy and a man’s late wife were mentioned.

Fears and Planning for Later Life

– The fear of dying alone and not having support was discussed. Making plans for care, having family nearby, and utilizing hospice services can help alleviate these fears.

Finding Purpose and Contributing to Others

– Contributing to others and community gives purpose and meaning, which helps reduce fear and vulnerability. This continues to the end of life.

Companionship and Community

– As we age and experience loss, we all become more vulnerable. Companionship and community provide comfort during this transition.

Staying Present

– Dwelling on fears about the future builds anxiety. Staying present and focusing on today helps manage this.

Next Steps:

– Host a webinar on women’s vulnerability with expert guests.
– Continue the open dialogue between men and women on this topic.
– Provide a safe, judgement-free community for women to share their feelings.
– Help women find their purpose to stay engaged and reduce isolation.
Action Items
– Invite Bev to participate in future webinar on vulnerability – WATCH (30 secs): https://fathom.video/share/U9xzWUnNTUWerVYZ5q7hcWgf3Z2_EeDh?timestamp=1097.4599
– Organize a discussion for women in the Golden Life community about fears of aging alone, end of life planning and options for support – WATCH (30 secs): https://fathom.video/share/U9xzWUnNTUWerVYZ5q7hcWgf3Z2_EeDh?timestamp=1768.7199
– Continue being available to support Kathy when she is feeling vulnerable – WATCH (30 secs): https://fathom.video/share/U9xzWUnNTUWerVYZ5q7hcWgf3Z2_EeDh?timestamp=2308.679899

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