1. Episode 51: You've Received a Diagnosis - Taking Control of Your Healthcare: Boots Knighton's Story Sandy Kibling 41:26

In the midst of a devastating accident and a healthcare system filled with misinformation, one patient's journey took an unexpected turn. 

Boots Knighton's story is a powerful reminder that sometimes, intuition and determination can lead us down a path of healing that defies all odds. 

But…just when she thought her battles were won, a new health challenge emerged, leaving her breathless. What could possibly be the cause? 

Stay tuned as we unravel the surprising diagnosis that left Boots fighting for her life, and discover the strength and Resilience that continues to inspire us all.

“When someone asks me to reflect back from 2018 to now… I'm like, Dang, I'm very proud of myself because I'm here and I'm thriving and I think that's nothing short of a miracle. – Boots Knighton

In this episode, we discuss

  • Discovering the powerful impact of personal healthcare journeys and how they can shape your understanding of healthcare.
  • The importance of self-advocacy in healthcare and how it empowers you to take control of your own well-being.
  • The role of intuition in healthcare decisions and how trusting your instincts can lead to better outcomes.
  • Building a strong support system that will enhance your healthcare experience and provide invaluable emotional support.

My special guest is Boots Knighton:

Boots Knighton is no stranger to overcoming challenges. As a ski instructor at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, she experienced a life-altering traumatic brain injury in 2018. This incident forced her to relearn basic movements, including skiing. However, Boots didn't let this setback define her. In 2020, she faced yet another diagnosis and underwent a major surgery, proving her Resilience and determination with her positive outlook and unwavering courage.

Key moments in this episode are:

00:01:20 – Boots' Story

00:08:11 – Trusting Intuition and Seeking Alternative Options

00:12:47 – Advocating for Yourself and Medical Professionals

00:13:03 – Overcoming Challenges and Finding Resilience

00:18:20 – Listening to the Signs

00:19:08 – Advocating for Surgery

00:23:45 – The Power of Support Groups

00:26:20 – Being the CEO of Your Health

00:32:55 – The Importance of a Support System

00:33:41 – Key Lessons for Personal Health

00:37:19 – Creating a Spoken Resource for Heart Patients


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