1. Episode 42 - Jason Van Orden - My Friend Said, “I’ve Just Been Let Go”. The Phone Next to Me Rang. Another Friend Came Back With a Cardboard Box Filled With Stuff. The Phones Around Me Kept Ringing. I Was Ready to Get That Next Call. Drew Deraney 35:24

This episode:  My friend suddenly messaged me and said, “I’ve just been let go”. Then the phone next to me rang. My friend came back with a cardboard box filled with stuff. The phones around me kept ringing and I was prepared to get that call next.


Here’s what you’ll learn about:

  • Finding true happiness and identity through career shifts. (0:01)
    • Jason Van Orden realized he wasn’t happy as a 9-to-5 employee and wanted to pursue his passion for music, leading to a career shift.
    • He found a defining moment that woke him up to live a more authentic life, shaping his future decisions and actions.
  • Career change after 9/11/2001. (2:48)
    • Jason recounts his experience of being laid off from a job in 2001, which led to a wake-up call about the insecurity of employment and sparked his interest in entrepreneurship and investing.
    • He reflects on how he filled his free time with books and tapes on entrepreneurship and real estate investing, and eventually started meeting others with similar goals, leading to a realization of his own depression.
  • Overcoming fears of entrepreneurship and quitting a job. (5:35)
    • Jason quit his job, learned real estate investing, and faced fears of entrepreneurship (health insurance, understanding, etc.).
    • He overcame fears by questioning their validity, exchanging risks, and taking action.
    • Jason is now a successful business coach and marketer, working with experts to grow businesses.
  • Overcoming fears and starting a business. (9:13)
    • Jason shares his journey of overcoming fears and taking calculated risks to pursue his passions.
    • He mentions specific fears, such as worrying about debt and not having support from his parents, which were unfounded.
    • Jason found a mentor and joined a local real estate investing club to gain knowledge and build a support system.
    • He eventually started teaching others marketing strategies, leading to the creation of a seminar and profit-sharing agreement with a mailing list of 83 people.
  • Entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal growth. (13:52)
    • Jason quit his job in 2005 and started experimenting with online marketing, which led to the creation of a podcast.
    • The podcast, Internet Business Mastery, was the first ever about online marketing and took off within a couple of years.
    • He and a friend started offering courses and Coaching to audience members who asked for it.
    • Jason learned a lot about content creation, finding his voice, and serving his audience through running a podcast for 10 years.
    • He found that engineering and music backgrounds resonated with his audience, and he attracted both groups.
    • Jason launched many courses over time and learned how to be a good coach.
    • By 2015, he realized he needed to change and shift his focus to stand out in the crowded online marketing space.
    • He found that connecting with his audience on a personal level and sharing his story was key to his success.
    • Jason learned to find his unique voice and serve his audience in a way that resonated with them.
    • His journey continues today, and he is now building on his strengths and providing valuable educational content to his audience.

To learn more about Jason, go to LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonvanorden/ or you can go to Jason’s website at https://jasonvanorden.com/.


Jason Van Orden Bio: Jason helps coaches and consultants turn their expertise into a signature system that delivers the same results with half the work. Then he helps them launch and fill a scalable online program based on their system so they can help more of the people they serve best and grow their income. He’s been Coaching and creating online courses since he left his job as a software engineer in 2003. 

Drew Deraney Mindset Mastery Coach (Life Coach with a Twist)

Drew Deraney now travels the world both to Live and Virtual Events showing mostly men the steps needed to strengthen self-identity and self-worth, to overcome self-limiting beliefs, and to build confidence while being authentic, maintaining boundaries and to transcend people pleasing skills to become the person they are destined to be. Drew challenges them to reach deep inside and make a lasting impact.

In a 9-month span, Drew experienced a grueling divorce, job loss, his son’s suicidal ideations, and his father’s death which devastated Drew emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It is a commonality for men to consider any challenge as a weakness as well as to show emotion and ask for help. While writing his book, Drew realized he was not the only man suffering in silence. With more clarity of purpose than ever, he began asking for help. Drew Deraney’s mission is to help especially men, release their inner greatness by showing vulnerability, keeping in integrity of their power, and making a great impact on the people in their lives both personally and professionally.

Drew Deraney was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ where he still lives to this day caring for his elderly mom and his 3 adult children Matthew, Nicholas, and Emma. Drew earned his B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Applied Psychology, and two psychology research publications while at Fairfield University; a scholarship from the Healthcare Financial Management Association; and his M.B.A. in Health Care Administration from Baruch College / Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NY. His hospital career spanned 24 years where he was co-chair of the Leadership Institute, spoke at JD Power, was one of three leaders interviewed by The Commonwealth Fund, received his Communicating with Empathy Trainer certification and is a Certified Patient Experience Professional. Four years ago, Drew founded Profit Compassion LLC, an entity to coach and empower mostly men to create resiliency and authenticity as Chief Resilience Officer. Drew is the podcast host of ‘From Caving in to Crushing It’ and recently became a best-selling author with his book ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’ - Memoir of a reformed People Pleaser.