1. Love "U": Mastering Online Dating Connections w/ Evan Katz Robin Dreeke / Evan Marc Katz 52:17

🫶 🌟 Navigating Dating and Relationships with Evan Marc Katz

In this episode of the Forged By Trust podcast, host Robin Dreeke interviews Evan Marc Katz, an acclaimed dating coach who has been helping women create lasting love since 2003. The conversation explores Evan's unique journey to becoming a dating coach, the role love plays in our lives, and the challenges women face in online dating. They dive deep into diverse topics such as how to create a winning online dating profile, the impact of demographic changes on dating, and the importance of character in potential partners. Evan shares his thought-provoking insight into the nature of men and women's behavior in dating, offering valuable advice for finding love in the digital age.

🌟 About Evan:
Evan Marc Katz became the world’s first dating coach in 2003, specializing in helping smart, successful women create lasting love. He
 is the author of four books, his Love U Podcast has over 2 million downloads and he has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including Today, the New York Times, and the Wall St. Journal. 

 With a transformative approach, he helps his clients navigate the challenging terrain of dating, particularly in the digital age. Evan is known for his empathetic approach and a unique ability to understand both genders, assisting primarily women to find meaningful and healthy relationships. Though his journey was not straightforward, these twists made him into the well-rounded, experienced expert he is today, adept at handling a range of client experiences and situations. With a revolutionary method as his toolbox and a personality that invites trust, Evan Katz has built a reputation as a dependable and impactful dating coach.

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