1. Financially Fearless New changes in Retirement planning. Saba has the latest. Saba Khan-Smith 52:41

The year 2022 had record breaking inflation combined with volatile markets has many of us looking at our 401(k) and wondering what can I do? Turns out the IRS and the passing of SECURE Act 2.0 has opened at least five ways for us to perhaps recover some losses and may give you a chance to capitalize on the upswing of the market.  That and much more on Financially Fearless with Saba Khan. Visit 1890Wealth.com Call 800-730-3385.

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Saba Khan Financial Advisor, Podcaster

Saba Khan is a financial advisor and annuity specialist who focuses on helping baby boomers get to and through retirement. Saba is a specialist in IRA distribution, income planning and creating a safe and secure retirement. She also has federal employee expertise.