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Zen From Zero - Essential Caregiver Knowledge &Raquo; Zen

Zen from zero, essential Caregiver knowledge.

Navigating the relentless journey of caregiving, fraught with challenges that threaten to overwhelm, requires comprehensive knowledge. Each decision feels like a weight, each responsibility a burden too heavy to bear alone. But amidst the chaos, this week’s guest offers solace and sanctuary. Alex brings a wealth of insights, understanding legal complexities, financial burdens, and medical care intricacies like no other. This knowledge was gained from caring for one parent, then the other. What she learned from caring for her Dad, she used to maintain her sanity while caring for her Mom.

With her guidance, you’ll find the strength to confront challenges. Legal understanding becomes a shield against uncertainty, financial literacy empowers against scarcity, and medical awareness ensures proper care. Investing in Caregiver knowledge is a lifeline, promising to lift burdens and breathe new life into weary souls. So heed their wisdom, for it holds the promise of peace, security, and the comfort of knowing you’re not alone in this journey.

About Our Guest – Alexandra Free

Having spent twenty years working in live television I had become a pro at putting out fires when they popped up. No matter how much you may have rehearsed for a show, when the cameras start rolling, you just never know what can happen. Your brain learns to problem solve at warp speed, so that if a situation does arise, you’re usually ready for it.

Although, no amount of prepping could have prepared me for what laid ahead with my mother, I knew I needed a plan. A plan on how I was going to care for her. A plan on how I was going to afford that care. And a plan on how to navigate this new and final chapter of our lives. So, I packed up my life and my TV career in Los Angeles and moved back to the east coast to be closer to her, and to the rest of my family.

Through trial and error and a lot of research, I managed to navigate the next decade of my mother’s care with fortitude and grace. Avoiding being crushed both financially and mentally by the situation, and actually becoming a better and stronger person because of it.

I truly wish you didn’t have to be here. I honestly wish I had never been there myself. But if everything my mother and I went through means that I can help you in some way, shape, or form, then at least it all wouldn’t have been in vain.

xo, Lex


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After helping care for her grandmother who had vascular dementia, Jennifer realized her Mother was showing signs of early onset Alzheimer’s. After the death of her father in 2017 Jennifer went searching for answers to many of the common questions and Alzheimer’s caregiver faces. Being a busy entrepreneur Jennifer realized that a podcast would be the easiest way to learn more about caregiving while completing other tasks.

Sadly, in late 2017 she only found one and it didn’t quite address what she was looking for, so she did the next best thing, and started her own. The Fading Memories podcast is now in it’s fourth year and despite the death of her Mom in March 2020, Jennifer is still talking to caregivers and still learning how to be an excellent caregiver. On the podcast she discusses caregiving, brain health, self-care and how to age well.