1. From Struggle To Resilience: Finding Joy in the Face of Dementia Alzheimer's Caregivers 1:10:52

From Struggle To Resilience: Finding Joy In The Face Of Dementia &Raquo; Fridley Headshot. Horzjpg

In this compelling conversation, Mary Fridley, co-founder of the Joy of Dementia and Reimagining Dementia, joins us to shed light on the unique opportunities for connection arising from the pandemic, the unrest of the summer of 2020, and the widespread use of Zoom. She emphasizes the power of creating communities of support for those living with dementia and their families and care partners, transforming the often isolating journey into a joyful and meaningful experience. Mary also shares the critical need to reimagine the stigma and fear surrounding dementia, revealing the power of resources, tools, and collective efforts in empowering individuals and combating isolation. 

As we explore the dynamics of relationships in dementia care, we find that focusing on the carer and the person with dementia can open up creative and fun ways to express care. Listen in as Mary encourages us to take a more improvisational approach to caregiving, underlining the significance of preparation and connection. She reminds us of the need to view people living with dementia as individuals, not as stereotypes or generalizations. 

Join us for this transformative discussion as we discover the importance of joy and play in life and how breaking free from traditional caregiving methods can lead to empowerment and creativity. Mary Fridley brings her wisdom of improvisation to the conversation, urging us to embrace the “yes, and” mentality and build relationships rather than resorting to a “yes, but” or “no” response. Finally, we delve into Mary’s experiences creating the Joy of Dementia and Reimagining Dementia, emphasizing the importance of communication and meaningful relationships. Prepare to be inspired and empowered in your caregiving journey.

(0:00:01) – Reimagining Dementia

(0:10:20) – Challenging Stigma and Seeking Support

(0:20:58) – Exploring Relationship Dynamics in Dementia Care

(0:32:26) – Reimagining Care and Relationships

(0:44:11) – Joy and Play’s Importance in Life

(0:56:49) – Embracing the Yes and Mentality

(1:03:46) – Learning From Life’s Challenges and Sharing


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From Struggle To Resilience: Finding Joy In The Face Of Dementia &Raquo; Imp Image

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