1. The Supplements Maze Furkhan Dandia, Therapist 58:19

Join me, Furkhan Dandia, on this enlightening episode of EZ Conversations, where I sit down with Trevor Nolan Bower, the visionary founder of Advanced Supps. Trevor and I delve deep into the world of supplements, unravelling the complexities and shedding light on the misconceptions that often cloud this industry.

We explore why so many people find themselves misinformed about supplements, discussing the role of marketing hype, conflicting research, and anecdotal evidence. Trevor shares his invaluable insights into how individuals can sift through the noise to make informed decisions about the supplements they choose to incorporate into their lives.
What sets this conversation apart is Trevor’s genuine commitment to transparency and consumer education. He shares the ethos behind Advanced Supps., emphasizing their dedication to prioritizing the well-being of their customers over profit margins. Through a blend of science, integrity, and customer-centric values, Trevor and his team strive to empower individuals to take control of their health journey.

Tune in as we uncover the strategies behind designing effective and trustworthy supplements, demystifying the process and empowering listeners to navigate the supplement maze confidently. Whether you’re a seasoned supplement enthusiast or just beginning to explore this realm, this episode promises valuable insights that will revolutionize your approach to supplementation.

Trevor Nolan Bower has spent the past decade creating over 70 sports supplements and helping people reach their fitness goals. Growing up with a lack of nutrition and fitness education and no mentors to guide the way, Bower felt lost amid the conflicting information, gimmicks, and influencers out there.

Bower later found himself at the helm of a supplement business with the power to change how the supplement industry worked. He offered transparency and communication, two simple yet hard-to-find virtues in the supplement business. In the time since Bower has fostered a community of 10,000 individuals who have come together for one shared goal – to be better tomorrow than they are today. He went from mistrusting and truly hating the supplement industry to wanting the entire world to know what supplements can do.

Bower’s mission is to provide the information, community, and supplements to enhance everyone’s health and fitness journey. He makes himself available to all those who need him and encourages you to reach out whenever you feel stuck.

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Furkhan Dandia Therapist and Coach

I am a men's coach, therapist, group facilitator, podcaster and author. My journey began five years ago when I was going through a separation. I found myself alone and in a shame spiral that our culture and society covertly exert on people due to the perceived "failure" of a marriage. Unfortunately, I personalized that message which led me to fall deeper into a hole, causing me to surround myself with people that did not serve me and engage in substance abuse. While seeking therapy, I was not making the wholesale changes I needed.

As part of my experience with therapy, I realized that I am not alone in the challenges men my age experience (I separated at the age of 34/35). I realized I could be a voice for men like myself and offer support in this space. In the middle of the pandemic, I applied for a Master's degree in Psychology to become a therapist. This change was a significant shift for me as I worked in the corporate world as an engineer. Once I leaned into the space of supporting other men, I also started a podcast to normalize these difficult conversations and started a men's group a year later with the support of a friend.

I thought I was giving something back when I started the men's group. However, I quickly realized I was getting substantially more from the connections I built than I initially anticipated. It was also something I needed because I was going through another breakup.

At that point, I also realized that I had not taken the time to heal, and I was outsourcing my healing through romantic relationships, substances, material acquisitions and superficial relationships. I decided to step away from the outgoing lifestyle and started to focus on my healing which was another phase of evolution for me on my journey. Over the last year and a half, I have become mindful of the people I spend my time with. I have cleaned my lifestyle of substances, toxic environments and behaviours. I have focused on my sleep, my health and my knowledge. I have improved my spiritual relationship with myself, which was lacking the most over the past five years. This is the best I have felt.

As part of my solitude journey and to find myself again, I also released a book encapsulating my journey, which I hope to share with others. My book is titled: The Pursuit of Self-Love.