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Your Home Office Is Not Likely Healthy

  1. Your Home Office Is Not Likely Healthy 18:36

Having a  place to call home- whether owned or rented- means we have our own refuge, palace, and safe space.  However, the construction of all buildings, including condos and homes, has never been human-friendly.

Andy Pace shares the hands-on experience he has learned from 30 years of bridging the misunderstandings and misconceptions of living green or eco-friendly vs human-friendly.  

This first episode looks at how we got here.  Hint:  we have a long way to go in the healthy home arena.

Andrew Pace is a HealthyHomeConcierge and Founder of The Green Design Center, a leading resource for homeowners and contractors looking to source healthy and green products and receive expert consulting advice on designing and building healthy green homes. Andrew is the host of the weekly Non-Toxic Environments Podcast.  He is a worldwide expert on green and healthy building products and services to customers and contractors from around the globe. 

You can find Andy at  the Green Design Center and connect with him on LinkedIn.

If you would like to chat about how Compassionate Capitalism, in whole or in part, could work in your organization, reach out to Charlene Norman at BulletProof Your Business Now.




Charlene Norman Chief Empathy Officer & Truth Teller

I help my clients grow their empires in ways that are unique to them. It is not about using one tried and true and guaranteed offer. It is about matching the desires and goals of the client with the tactics that fit best with them.

Business and life are fun, leadership is not difficult and making money is easy. I know that trusting your intuition, pulling the answers from deep within you and standing in your own power are the best ways to reach your goals. My job is not to tell you what to do. My job is to partner with you and find the best match for your personality.

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