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June 10th, 2024 Mature Content

Interview 75-US Army Veteran, Special Forces, Randy Nantz

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  1. Interview 75-US Army Veteran, Special Forces, Randy Nantz Bryan Roof 1:32:59

Come Meet Randy Nantz he enlisted in the Army after 9/11/01, upon completing basic training in March of 2002, at Fort Benning, GA, he reported to 3rd Infantry Division located at Fort Stewart, GA. In January of 2003, he deployed to Kuwait to prepare for the initial invasion of Iraq. After the completion of that tour, he redeployed back home August 25, 2003.He then volunteered for and attended SFAS, Special Forces Assessment and Selection course in January of 2004, after getting selected, he continued to graduate successfully, Airborne, and the Special Forces Qualification Course, as a Communications Sergeant in March of 2006. At that time, SGT Nantz then reported to 5th Special Forces Group Airborne and deployed back to Iraq, in August 2006.

On Dec. 22nd of 2006, while taking part in a small recon mission, in Baghdad Jadida, Baghdad, Iraq, an Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP), a devastating roadside bomb and shaped charge, struck his Humvee. Randy’s body sustained 22% total body surface, 3rd-degree burns, considerable muscle tissue loss, and severe nerve damage. The nerve damage was severe enough, it ultimately led to a below the knee, left leg amputation. To date, he has undergone four amputations on the same leg because of multiple infections and difficulties. Late OCT 2017, he underwent surgery, to place a full thickness graft over a problem area, and so far it has been successful, and its prognosis is promising.

Bryan Roof Every Day's a Saturday- USMC Veteran

Bryan Roof was born in Lancaster, California on April 6, 1981. After graduating High School in 1999, he decided to join the United States Marine Corps in Feb of 2000. He deployed to Kuwait/Iraq in 2003. Bryan was honorably discharged in 2004. He worked in the Aerospace Industry at Northrop Grumman for almost 15 years before being deemed 100% unemployable by the V.A. Bryan Decided to start podcasting in January of 2023 and was voted #3 Best Veteran podcast by Feedspot. He is now the host and co-host to 3 different podcast and enjoys being able to help spread awareness to his fellow brother’s and sister’s.

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