1. I'm Glad I'm Me - Sheila Aron - Children's Book Author Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster 22:35

Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster interview Sheila Aron the author of the Children’s Book, I’m Glad I’m Me – Sheila Aron | Elite Expert Insider. This beautifully illustrated book invites readers to experience loving dialogue among parents, grandparents and children. Words of love, praise and appreciation come easily as family members build deep and lasting relationships based on trust and respect. The result of these expressions of love is a mutual sense of belonging and well being. A multicolor ‘thread of love’ weaves throughout the book symbolizing the importance that loving memories play in our lives and future generations. The loving words expressed on the pages of this book, just as the thread, wraps around a child with warmth, comfort and encouragement.

Jenn Foster Bestselling Author

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