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  1. 4 Steps To Determine When You Can Retire Early Ari Taublieb, CFP®, MBA 22:36

Create Your Custom Early Retirement Strategy Here

Ready to redefine your golden years and gain the freedom to live on your own terms? Join me, Ari Taublieb, a certified financial planner and your guide through the intricacies of early Retirement. This episode of the Early Retirement Podcast is a treasure trove of insights, providing a checklist for assessing your readiness to retire early. It's not just about having enough money; it's about envisioning your life's next chapter. We'll discuss the allure of balancing work and leisure, and whether a four-day workweek might be a more fitting transition for you. Plus, I respond to a listener's request for stories from those who've already taken the plunge, offering a candid look at both triumphs and challenges.

Gone are the days of blindly following the 4% rule—your Retirement plan should be as unique as you are. I dissect the myths and provide a tailored strategy for determining the best time to retire. You'll learn about the withdrawal test, a critical tool for evaluating financial Resilience. Transparency is key, and you'll hear how some may benefit from extending their careers to ensure a comfortable Retirement. I'm not afraid to share the tough advice when it's warranted, and this episode doesn't shy away from the hard truths about achieving your dream Retirement.

Beyond the numbers lies the heart of Retirement—finding joy and purpose in your newfound freedom. I introduce the 'post-career purpose finder,' a concept essential for a fulfilling Retirement journey. Listen in as I shine a light on common pitfalls and highlight the necessity of a holistic financial plan that encompasses more than just savings. Future episodes promise to delve deeper into topics like long-term care and life expectancy, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions. And as always, your questions fuel this podcast, so keep them coming and connect with a community committed to navigating the path to financial independence together.

Create Your Custom Early Retirement Strategy Here

Ari Taublieb, CFP ®, MBA is the Vice President of Root Financial Partners and a Fiduciary Financial Planner specializing in helping clients navigate the nuances of an early Retirement.

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PS: Before anyone decides to move forward with our services, I want to ensure we're the best fit to help you reach your goals and I personally have the first conversation with you.

Ari Taublieb MBA - Early Retirement

Ari Taublieb, MBA is the Vice President of Root Financial Partners and a financial planner specializing in helping people navigate an early retirement. I get it...retirement sounds overwhelming (an early retirement may sound particularly overwhelming)! Does it just feel like there's so much to consider and you just want to make sure you're doing everything you can to set yourself up right? If I may ask...why do YOU want to retire early? Do you want to travel? Have you just had enough of work? Do you want to spend more time with family (or on hobbies you've been putting off)? I created this podcast to help you know when work is now optional because you have a financial strategy that tells you when you can retire. You will learn all the investing tips in this financial podcast to set up the right portfolio for your goals. You may love what you do - and if that's you, great! I'm not saying stop working. But, I am saying, wouldn't it be nice to know when you didn't HAVE to work any more? When you would only go to work because you enjoyed it (crazy concept, I know). This is the ultimate retirement podcast (specifically, early retirement!). Retiring early, also known simply as "financial freedom", is having the ability to do what you care most about, MORE!

I don't want you to work unless you ENJOY it (finances aside, for just a moment)! My goal of this podcast is to give you all the tips and strategies so you can retire EARLY. Retirement planning, investing, personal finance, tax strategy, and you'll hear case studies from my clients and exactly how I've helped them navigate the transition into retirement. What are the right investment accounts to have in retirement? I want retirement planning to be simple for you so that you can retire early and maximize your retirement goals. Become a retiree and enjoy everything you've been waiting for your whole life (and start practicing retirement today)! I release new episodes every Monday with all the strategies (you'll learn that I love examples) so you can maximize your return on life (we use money to do this).

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